Student Life

Faith Life

The first and central strand of the 'cord of three ropes.' Our faith life and practice builds a foundation of understanding so that the truth of God’s Word shines through each student.

Academic Life

The second strand in the 'cord of three ropes.' Our teaching practice re-enforced by support and dedication to excellence in the home builds the foundation for academic success.


The third strand in the 'cord of three ropes." Community involvement, volunteerism, as well as physical strengthening act as building blocks for a rich and complete life.

Dress Code

We base our dress code on the scriptures. We dress to bring honor to God and enhance our witness for Christ to the world:


Our Parent and Student Handbook acts as a central point-of-reference for our life together.


If your child must be absent due to illness or any other reason, a parent should call the school office at 1-518-499-5416 between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. .